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Drink freely while on the bike to stay energized, hydrated, satiated and to retain electrolyte balance.

Gruppo's RIDE consists of a blend of carbs and protein designed for rapid gastric emptying and complete, efficient absorption. Just add 2 scoops to 600mL/20oz of water to fuel rides for 2 hrs or more. [+]

KEY FACTS   Servings: 16  |   Calories/Serving: 280  |   Protein: 4g [+]

Customer Reviews

Based on 171 reviews
Jason Rumanek
Great Taste

Ride tastes great, easy on the stomach and when your water is not cold, it still tastes great. Love Gruppo Ride.

Jeremy Logan
Using it for riding

Using it for riding and it is keeping me hydrated and energized!

Wayne Ell
Great product

I have used Gruppo for a long time. I bought this bag as a gift for the neighbor kid that has taken up road racing. He had been choking down gels and running out of energy in his competitions. With Gruppo he has a competitive advantage from nutrition and is now competitive at the front of his grouping.

Callan Kostick
Excellent product

I had never used a drinkable supplement for training before, Gruppo Ride and Repair were the first I ever tried. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well they work and how much easier it makes nutrition on long rides. I’ve found that, in conjunction with energy blocks, I’m able to have sufficient energy to push through 4.5 hour rides without the same fatigue and ‘bonking’ I was used to before. I’m very pleased with the Gruppo nutrition and will use it for future training endeavours

Izzy Oozeer

I think it’s a great product. I play a lot of tennis in the heat and count on hydrating properly as I am 62 years old and play with players in their 30’s . So I can’t cramp out there . I have been using ride for many years now and love it . My wife originally bought it as she is an avid rider and I used it once and have been hooked ever since .

Andres Elliott-Cordoba

Works very well and makes a big difference in the later hours. Gives you the edge over your opponents

Grippe Ride

Like the product, not too strong a taste, Keeps me moving on my rides

Mark Ziedenberg
Ride is the best

Hydration excellence

Donald Miller

Love the flavor and never bothers my stomach.

Connie Phillips

Been using Ride for many years! Love it

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