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Drink before bed to promote muscle health throughout the sleep cycle.

Gruppo's REVIVE consists of a blend of protein from whey protein isolate and slow digesting micellar casein which provides key amino acids while you sleep, with no added carbs. Just add 2 scoops to 450mL/15oz of water to help maintain weight and aid in muscle recovery. [+]

KEY FACTS   Servings: 20  |   Calories/Serving: 170  |   Protein: 30g [+]

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bernard Kenny

Good product. Especially after a tough workout for recovery

overnight digestion

Revive works well as a protein addition a few hours after supper. It doesn't require a lot of water and is easy on my digestive system while sleeping, thus avoiding conflict with good sleep

Chad Holowatuk
Protein Targets Met!

As an aging athlete, I am more focused than ever on meeting my protein targets. This is not easy/almost impossible to do with food alone. A little Raw added to my oatmeal or yogurt in the morning and a daily nighttime "treat" of chocolate Revive has helped immensely. I've used Gruppo/Infinit for years and appreciate how the products help me on race days, training days and every day in between.

Revive: Chocolate

Like I happened to say, I would be a returning customer, here I am. I had used Rescue before and had liked it very much. I wanted to use Revive to fill in my protein needs. And it does just that. Chocolate taste feels on point. Mixes really well and remains smooth for consumption. I am glad I found these products.

Jean Collerette

30 g of protein, it's just what I need before bed time. With Revive I don't feel my body shrinking from inside after a hard strenght workout. Great product, great taste. Love Rivive. 👌

Annabelle Mineault
Great product

I don't normally take protein or recovery power because they taste awkward, but Revive is a fantastic product. It mix very well and taste good (no gross after taste). Also, easy to digests before bed time.

Andrew Atkinson-Clements
REVIVE recovery

I just recently started using this product. I basically use it when I am exceptionally busy, which seems to be most weeks, but I have noticed since using it my recovery has been more complete between work outs which allows for harder training with the same recovery time. Thanks for the great product.

Melissa Wilkinson

It tastes great and mixes well! Perfect bit of protein to have before bed to help my muscles recover. A+ product!

Marc-Antoine Rouleau

Some people think that sleep is one of the most important recovery factor in a lifestyle. However, why sleep 10h a day if you don't provide your body with the appropriate tools to recover. Revive gives me the protein I need to properly recover through the night since it is hard to get a proper dinner close to bed with all the protein your body needs. It also has casein which is a slow-digesting dairy protein that makes you recover better through the night.

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