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Sip 15-30 minutes prior to your high intensity session and continue drinking throughout to optimize your performance.

Gruppo's POWER contains electrolytes, BCAAs, and protein to ensure you are energized and ready for your workout. Just add 1 scoop to 600mL/20oz of water to fuel high intensity cardio sessions. [+]

KEY FACTS   Servings: 60  |   Calories/Serving: 100  |   Protein: 2g [+]

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Gives you energy.

Big scoop in water, tastes good, helps with energy throughout my ride, if I go longer, over 2 hours, mix it in my water bottle and drink while I ride .

Michael Wallach
Great for a variety of sports

I bought the power and asked gruppo to up the caffeine and electrolytes. The package came quickly through mail which was a surprise. I initially bought for mountain biking but have also used for hockey and badminton. I find that it provides good energy for all of those workouts. I normally get leg cramping issues after intense excercise (especially during a hard mountain bike) but have not had any issues since using the gruppo power. I used to take electrolyte tablets along with an energy drink so I'm hoping the gruppo power replaces all of that. I find gruppo easy to drink and the taste isn't overpowering (I selected the light flavouring). I will be buying another bag once this one is done.

Thomas Froh
Great flavour

Flavour is great. Easy on the stomach. Feel refreshed during rides.

Bruce Bird
Keeps Energy level up and easy on stomach

Thanks to a recommendation from a friend I ordered Gruppo Power. I have found the Power drink easy on my digestive system which is so important when pushing hard on the pedals. What I am also finding is that my energy level stays near the level I start at longer when I drink Power during my rides. I wish I had been using this product for Oh so many long rides when my power and energy faded. A greater understanding of nutrition is probably the main driver behind why the prop peloton races are so animated from start to finish over the last few years.

M Ben
Gruppo Power

First time using this Gruppo product , checked out the reviews thought I would give it a go . Glad I did I use it
on all my rides taste good no stomach issues . If your on the fence I would recommend giving it a try.

Cory Wallace
Great for longer events such as 24HR Racing.

I started using Gruppo this past year and have found it great for the longer events and bike rides. At the last 24hr Worlds I did 90% of my nutrition through a liquid diet with Gruppo and another mix. It worked great and is very easy to use.

Kevin B.
Another favourite!!

I started using power this season. I have become more active in competitive cycling events and wanted to try something for shorter, high intensity efforts. Power delivered exactly what I hoped it would. Great flavour and an energized fuel source for when I need it the most. I have added Power for rides under 2 hours and continue using Ride for the longer days.


I use Power for my short bike rides (1 hour duration). It doesn’t upset my stomach and the taste is great. It’s perfect! I totally recommend for workouts less then 1.5 hours.

Ed Veal

This has been my go-to fuel source since I started using Gruppo Nutrition Products. I drink POWER multiple times daily both on the bike and while at the gym. It mixes so easily, has never upset my stomach and now many years later after easily thousands of bottles consumed, I still enjoy the mild flavour and look forward to using it everyday.

Jon Roket
Power is a GREAT Product!

We use Gruppo's Power at our house for both running and cycling. It's been perfect. Highly recommended.

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