Additional Product Detail


Gruppo’s BURST was created for explosive events like swimming and track to manage your hydration, electrolyte levels and calorie deficit to avoid muscle cramping and maintain optimal muscle function.

BURST works great as a pre-hydration and workout blend with a mix of carbohydrates from 3 sources: sucrose, dextrose, and maltodextrin. This, along with low levels of sodium and a light flavour make BURST easy to drink and won’t get in the way of performance.


Gruppo's POWER was created for and with Movati Athletic. They were looking to provide a higher quality product that was not sold in a single use plastic containers. It was designed for 1 hr of high intensity efforts like spinning and hot yoga.

POWER consists of 100 calories coming from 3 carb sources: dextrose, sucrose and maltodextrin, 2g of protein, BCAA's and electrolytes.

It has become a favourite for cyclists riding 2 hrs or less. It is ideal for any endurance activity <2 hrs.


Gruppo’s X-CITE was created to get you ready and support you during your toughest high intensity sessions. Low in sugar, X-CITE offers protein, BCAAs and electrolytes to help you perform at your best.

This blend is formulated to be rapidly absorbed and not interfere with your performance to maintain energy levels and hydration, preventing muscle damage and promoting optimal recovery before the workout is even over.


Gruppo's RUN uses 3 different carbohydrate sources: sucrose, dextrose, and maltodextrin to improve absorption leading to more energy and key electrolytes for your muscles for your longer runs. RUN provides the electrolytes and calories needed to prevent you from running out of gas, getting dizzy or not recovering strongly. 


ICE was created to help hockey players improve their on-ice performance and promote optimal recovery. With carbohydrates coming from 3 sources: sucrose, dextrose and maltodextrin, ICE improves absorption and gets energy to your muscles, faster. With added protein and electrolytes, ICE will keep you fuelled and well-hydrated all game long.


RIDE is carefully formulated to supply you with the right nutrition throughout some of your toughest sessions. No matter the duration, RIDE has everything you need to maximize calories from three sources of carbohydrates, New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate, and electrolytes while remaining isotonic, ensuring it gets to your system rapidly all day long.


REPAIR was created to handle all three phases of recovery: protein synthesis, glycogen synthesis and re-hydration, all important in order to be fully recovered for your next big effort. In a 4:1 Carb to Protein blend, REPAIR packs 62 g in from 3 sources and 15 g of New Zealand Whey Isolate to drive your complete recovery. REPAIR also contains BCAAs and electrolytes - taken immediately after your toughest sessions, you will get the full benefit from your hardest efforts.

REPAIR uses the best quality protein available from New Zealand. Our whey isolate contains the highest proportion of Leucine of all proteins available (14.3%). Leucine is the key to protein synthesis. Carbohydrates are coming from 3 sources: sucrose, dextrose and maltodextrin, which improves absorption and gets more energy to your muscles, faster. Optimal level of electrolytes are also provided, so hydration levels are restored as quickly as possible, ensuring the efficient transfer of nutrients to muscles, further aiding in your recovery.


RESCUE is Gruppo's complete recovery product when just protein is not enough. Developed to allow strength athletes to fully recover following the most gruelling weightlifting and conditioning workouts, RESCUE contains a 2:1 Carb to Protein blend packing 25g of protein and carbohydrates derived from 3 sources: sucrose, dextrose, and maltodextrin.

The key to recovery is a blend that provides the required carbohydrates, protein and BCAAs to drive the required protein synthesis and support optimal growth and repair of damaged muscles.


RAW protein is just that - protein. No added sugars, carbs, or anything artificial. Sourced from New Zealand Whey Isolate, the gold standard for protein, RAW protein has the strongest nutritional profile of any protein on the market. The isolation processes used to produce the Whey Isolate eliminates all of the undesirable characteristics of dairy, and leaves us with the strongest amino acid profile of any protein on the market with 14.3% Leucine content. New Zealand is also known to have the best protocols in the world for dairy production, with no growth hormone, cattle are free range and feed on natural grasses. 

Athletes require 1.2 to 1.6 g of protein per kg of body weight to maintain lean muscle mass. RAW provides the necessary components to support protein synthesis, leading to optimal growth and repair of muscles. Perfect to maintain lean muscle mass and ultimately your performance!


GAINZ is the ultimate sleep recovery product developed to allow high volume strength and conditioning athletes to both recover and gain weight. GAINZ is the combination of New Zealand Whey Isolate, the gold standard for protein, Micellar Casein, a slow releasing protein, and three carbohydrates, that work to allow your body to recover and develop muscle during your longest period of fasting – while you sleep.


Developed to allow high volume strength and conditioning athletes to recover fully during sleep, Gruppo's REVIVE provides 26 g of protein and only 5 g of carbohydrates to ensure you are ready for tomorrow's big effort. REVIVE is formulated to support the growth and recovery of muscle tissue without too many calories.

REVIVE is designed to provide a steady stream of amino acids to support protein synthesis throughout the sleep cycle - the body's longest fasting period, which is also when growth hormone levels are at their highest. A mix of New Zealand Whey Protein isolate and slow release Micellar Casein protein allows for this to occur while minimizing the total calories, specifically the amount of carbohydrates. A perfect blend to be enjoyed just before bed.


Our Gruppo JOE was a game changer when we launched in 2017 and is the perfect mix of simplicity and functionality. With 21g of protein per serving, this drink is the perfect way to start your morning, finish a workout, or anything else your day throws at you. This balanced drink comes in regular and decaf versions to fuel all your adventures.