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Drink freely while on the ice to get real energy and optimize your play.

Gruppo's ICE consists of a blend of carbs, with added protein, BCAA's and electrolytes. Just add 2 scoops to 600mL/20oz of water to hydrate and energize completely while on the ice. [+]

KEY FACTS   Servings: 32  |   Calories/Serving: 170  |   Protein: 2g [+]

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
It’s a staple

I like this mix for medium-hard 60-120 min swims. My husband has also started using this for harder workouts (and he is very fussy about flavour). We are going through it faster but it’s worth it. Helps with my recovery (woman in her 50’s) and allows me to do multiple workouts in a day if I choose.

Tim Keer
Hockey drink

I have used this drink for many years when I play hockey. It tastes great and is better than water. I also use this for when I go hiking up mountains. Awesome drink!!

John Hussey
Great Flavour

I always have loved Infinit products. The Ice product is new for me and I do love the flavour. I am using it as a post-run drink and find it re-hydrates well. I will give it a whirl when I am back at the rink in the fall.

Brenda P.
Tastes like a grape freezie

Not just for hockey - used it during a swim session - great taste & quick absorption allowing me to do a few extra laps.

Marek Bialkowski

I use it for riding helps me recover faster in between workouts while I use it during.

James Harback
Ice go

Tried this with pick up hockey and taste good. Another player have tried and have enjoyed the taste.

jared wright
Excellent mix for Hockey!!

Great mix for hockey, lite taste, mixes well. Great to rehydrate properly.

jared wright
Great hockey mix

My dad plays three times a week he uses ICE for all his games. Enjoys the easy mixing and lite taste.

Bodeha Oozeer
Great flavour

I was hesitant about getting this product as I don’t like a strong taste When playing or working out. I got the Mango flavour as that’s my favourite fruit. .... I love it and you will too as the beauty of this company is that you can Taylor it to your tAste buds.

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