Getting Started

It's easy. We offer four core, color-coded categories of sports nutrition: High Intensity (for workouts under 1.5 hours),  Endurance (for workouts over 2 hours),  Recovery (post-workout), and Everyday Fuel. Each category is applicable to a variety of different sports. As such, we offer sport-specific powdered nutrition for cycling, triathlon, hockey, running, swimming, and strength conditioning. We also offer a modular, highly personalized sports nutrition mix called Gruppo Pro.

Our Color-Coded System


Choosing Nutrition Based on Your Sport

To get started with our core products, we suggest one of three easy approaches:

1. Go directly to your sport category as listed in the 'By Sport' navigation above. Most of these products, used in conjunction with a recovery product, make a perfect starting point for many athletes new to Gruppo. We recommend starting with two: (a) either an intense or endurance blend plus (b) a post-workout recovery product like REPAIR.

2. Use our FuelFinder or Switch Comparison functionality to have our system recommend a particular Gruppo product.

3. Still confused? Don't see your specific sport listed? Contact us. We're very friendly and very versed in helping athletes understand how real food, along with a high quality sports nutrition product, can change your game and give you renewed confidence.

Switching from Another Nutrition

Many of the products listed in our Switch Comparison Guide are good, high quality products in their own right that happen to have different characteristics from core Gruppo products. While we do not recommend switching nutrition abruptly or immediately prior to key performance events, our hope is to bring clarity to the process with fact-based, science-based comparisons.

Getting Personal with Gruppo Pro

If you're a professional athlete, participate in competitive endurance events, or are looking to solve an issue with your sports nutrition, we also offer a highly personalized, modular system called Gruppo Pro. Pro products are designed to suit athletes at an individual level based on your weight, activity intensity, sweat rate, and your preferences for taste.