Gruppo's Core Science Protocol

Gruppo's Core Science Protocol is our guide document for four key areas of our business: (a) Based on Science, Improved by Research, (b) Better Ingredients, (c) Better Manufacturing, and (d) Commitment to Improving Athlete's Performance.

Based on Science - Tuned to Performance

A lot has changed in sports nutrition in the last 10-20 years.  What we know now is:

  • Combining simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates allows athletes to get up to 90 to 100 g of carbohydrates per hour.
  • Formulating sports nutrition drinks to be at, or below the concentration of the body’s fluids, allows for immediate gastric emptying, allowing usable carbohydrates, electrolytes, protein, and water to be transported to our tissues.
  • Utilizing carbohydrates from more complex sources like maltodextrin, lowers both the concentration of blends and sweetness of the drinks, allowing them to be enjoyed/consumed as long as you are willing to go.

Taking the science into consideration, we can easily provide you with products that will optimize and simplify your nutrition plan.

Thoughtfully Sourced Ingredients

Only the highest quality ingredients are sourced for our products. Raw materials that are gluten free, peanut and nut free, organic where possible, and sourced Canadian/North American, with the exception of our whey protein isolate and creatine. We do not use any artificial flavours or sweeteners. For more information on specific allergens, click here.

Under the direction of sport scientists from the Canadian Sport Institute, our Creatine is sourced from Alzchem in Germany, considered the gold standard for this material. 

Whey protein isolate is sourced from Fonterra in New Zealand - this protein uses an ion-exchange, ultrafiltration process that results in the purest whey isolate available, anywhere. The resulting protein has the highest leucine concentration which is important for skeletal muscle health and only trace amounts of lactose make the protein ideal for folks with lactose intolerance.

Research Based

Our first involvement in the clinical research world was in 2015 supporting Dr. Stuart Phillips with the formulation, manufacturing, and complete blinding for: A whey protein-based multi-ingredient nutritional supplement stimulates gains in lean body mass and strength in healthy older men: A randomized controlled trial. Since this time we have been involved with more than 20 research projects and are currently supporting 2 clinical research projects involving plant-based proteins.

Gold Certified Program

The Gold Certified Program was created with, and for, the Canadian Sport Institute in 2008. Product formulations were tuned for athletes while training, and for recovery across many sport disciplines, while most importantly creating products that were tested to be free of banned substances as defined by WADA guidelines.  We have proudly supported hundreds of medal and podium finishes on the world stage.


We utilize an approved Natural Health Products Health Canada Site licensed, pharmaceutical style facility to manufacture our products in Windsor, Ontario.  For Gruppo Pro products, we use a patent pending process that allows customers to easily select what is right for the personalized blends and are efficient to manufacture.