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Sip 15-30 minutes prior to your high intensity session and continue drinking throughout to optimize your performance.

Gruppo's X-CITE contains electrolytes, BCAAs and protein to ensure you are energized and ready for your session. Just add 2 scoops to 600mL/20oz of water to fuel high intensity strength and conditioning sessions. [+]

KEY FACTS   Servings: 32  |   Calories/Serving: 170  |   Protein: 2g [+]

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jean Collerette

Just love the product. It keeps me going during the hot summer days and during my strength training.

Wes Fitzsimmons
Superior Product

Have used X-Cite for a few years to fuel all my high effort activities. In the Gym, hockey or mountain biking, X-cite is my go to for fueling these activities.

Works really well

Mixes well, not overtly sweet, and gives a needed boost of energy without a crash. Better than most sports drinks.

Matt Driver
Workout fuel

I’ve been using this product for over a year now. Has a great taste and gives a nice energetic feeling to your system. Not a sugar fueled burst but a true energy! Great stuff!!

Nicole McKenna
Pretty good

Lemon flavour is very mild, slight strange taste probably due to the maltodextrin but it's not overpowering. Didn't fully dissolve in the water but wasn't clumpy or anything. Pretty pleasing to drink overall.

Brent Fikowski
CrossFit Athlete

I have noticed a difference in my energy levels throughout longer training sessions since adding X-Cite as a part of my hydration routine. It tastes great and the clean carbs/electrolyte/BCAA blend is just what the body needs for a longer conditioning session. Now that I have been using it regularly I can't imagine going through a competition or training session without it.

Ryan Berry

A product that works. I've tried everything in the past, and nothing seems to have given me the extra edge through a workout. In a sport where "every rep counts" this is a MUST!

Sarah Taylor
Great Preworkout Product

My husband uses this every day that he goes to the gym prior to his crossfit workout. He said it is the thing that gets him through the demanding workout. The taste is great and hes been using it over a year. He works out approx 5 days a week.

Dan Piquette
Works well

Flavour is very very mild, almost no sweetness. Digests and empties out of stomach quickly so you don't feel full/bloated. Noticeable maltodextrin taste but seemed to go down with ease over a long ride Really well thought out carb and electrolyte profile

Jaime Pauvif

I use X-cite before and during a long run (10km+) and I find I never run out of steam and I'm able to finish strong. I also use it just before playing soccer indoor, which is all fast paced. Again, I'm able to work hard and stay strong and energetic throughout the game. Great stuff!!

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