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Drink freely while running to stay hydrated, fuelled, and to maintain electrolyte balance.

Gruppo's RUN is packed with electrolytes and carbs from 3 sources designed for rapid gastric emptying and complete absorption. Just add 2 scoops to 600mL/20oz of water to fuel runs 90 min or longer. [+]

KEY FACTS   Servings: 21  |   Calories/Serving: 220  |   Protein: 0g [+]

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Meaghan St John

I am very impressed with the Run mix. It seems well balanced, I have started drinking it earlier on and have noticed a difference. I can eat food on my long runs and the sugar doesn’t bother my stomach. Very happy with it. Prefer the mango flavour over citrus

Best sports nutrition out there 👏

Fast shipping....great flavor 😋 👌

Sapper 091
Flavour intense

-Seems like this new batch has a more intense flavour than my last purchase.
-Best served iced cold.
-Gives me that boost after a long intense run when I’m wearing my duty gear.

Monty McNeice
The Best Fuel I have ever used!

I have had the pleasure of using Gruppo's Run, Pro, and Joe. It amazes me how well these products work for my body. I have been using these products now for 5 years. I feel like I should be apart of their sales team as I'm constantly tell the running community that I am surrounded by the benefits of their products. I have ran many 100km races solely on Gruppo and placing in the top ten numerous times ! They offer a phone call consultation that I would highly recommend as well.
Their customer service is exceptional to top it all off!

Awesome product

Used it training for my first road marathon and first trail ultramarathon. Loved it. Mango was the flavour I went with and I honestly liked the taste a lot.. I used RUN almost exclusively in my road marathon and had a great finishing time. Would recommend

james Adams

I can’t believe how much energy this give me on my runs. It’s a must for all runners

Siobhan McCormick
Love RUN

I started using Gruppo RUN this summer and am really pleased with the product. It is so much easier to drink your nutrition and not have to faff about with gels or chews. I find the product really complete and it satisfies all my nutrition needs whether I running a marathon on the road or frolicking in some gnarly trials. I highly recommend RUN and also RIDE which I also use!

Better than Gatorade

I’ve been using products from these folks for years during my training workouts. Excellent product and the results are what i expect. Customer service is fantastic and shipping is quick. Support Canadian products is where it is at!

Dave Gibb
Great product, great service

All of these products are great. I have been using Gruppo for all of my IM training and have zero unpredictability in how I am going to react/absorb. Darcy's knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge in unparalleled. Strongly recommend.

Steve Rozic
RUN Nutrition

Nutrition worked well in Ironman training and racing. I'd recommend using it.

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