Infinit Nutrition Canada Rebrands as Gruppo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE APRIL 21 2022 - Windsor, Ontario - Gruppo Nutrition, formerly Infinit Nutrition Canada, has announced the availability of their sport-specific triathlon, running, cycling, and strength-conditioning nutrition throughout both Canada and, now, the United States. "Our prior license agreement with Infinit only allowed for the sale of our product in Canada," noted Darcy Haggith, CEO, "as Gruppo, we're delighted to be able to reach a wider athlete base in the States and fill the demand we've seen for this type of premium-ingredient nutrition." The Gruppo team negotiated the return of the license to Infinit Nutrition in 2021 and officially dropped the line in April of 2022.

Gruppo's line of sports nutrition products are divided into four key categories: High Intensity, Endurance, Post-Workout Recovery, and Everyday nutrition, or 'fuel,' as referenced by the company. "Everything we're doing here is aimed at providing athletes with greater clarity and simplicity in their fuel," said Haggith. "As an endurance athlete myself, I know the maze of choices and complexity athletes usually face when trying to decide on a nutrition product or navigate nutrition-based performance issues. Gruppo is different. We're here to demystify the process: simple, smart fuel."

The newly re-branded company has relaunched their website at along with a suite of dedicated comparison and recommendation tools to help easily guide athletes to the most suitable Gruppo product to support their own personal nutritional requirements. Athletes can also request a one-on-one consultation to review nutrition planning for triathlon, cycling, or running events.

"The response to the new brand has been somewhat overwhelming," added Mackenzie Jalalpoor, Marketing Coordinator at Gruppo. "I think we expected a certain level of enthusiasm but it's been a bit of deluge in the best sense of the word. At this pace, it won't be too long before we've shipped to athletes in every state in the US."