Gruppo Nutrition Announces Launch of Sports Nutrition FuelFinder

NOV 01 2022 - Windsor, Ontario - Gruppo Nutrition announces the launch of a tool that’ll make it easier for athletes to choose the nutrition product that best suits their needs, FuelFinder.

Since 2006, Gruppo has been growing to encompass a wide array of sports nutrition and everyday protein drinks.

That’s why they are proud to unveil their FuelFinder, designed to help athletes choose the nutrition product that best suits their needs. It asks you questions about your sport, how you train, and what your goals are. You start by selecting your sport from a dropdown menu. Then you select an option from another dropdown menu that best describes your goals for your sports nutrition. It will then ask you to select how long you train for on average. These three prompts tell Gruppo everything they need to know to select the supplements that will best help you achieve your athletic goals.

With Gruppo’s wide selection of products, there’s a supplement for every athlete. The FuelFinder is simple and designed to eliminate the guesswork that an athlete might experience when trying to choose the best product for themselves. The product that the FuelFinder selects for you will have a detailed description and instructions so that you can understand why it was chosen. You can view the FuelFinder and Gruppo’s expansive Switchswitcher table at:

Originally established in 2006 as a licensee of Infinit Nutrition, Gruppo has grown to encompass a wide array of sports nutrition, everyday protein drinks, as well as clinical research, and partner co-packing and fulfillment services.