An Important Note from Darcy

Wow, it has been an incredible ride since first using Infinit Nutrition as a customer for my 2005 and 2006 Ironmans in Lake Placid.  Just after the race in 2006, I had breakfast and a conversation about bringing the Infinit brand to Canada - a few short months later we opened our doors at Infinit Nutrition Canada.  A lot has happened in those 16 years, here are a few highlights:

  • In 2008 Partnered with Canadian Sport Institute Ontario and Pacific ( - still fuelling podium finishes around the world for some of Canada's top athletes.
  • Involved with more than 20 research projects with some of Canada's leading researchers - studying the effects of protein on skeletal muscle health.
  • We have conducted hundreds of nutritional consults where we help athletes find their optimum hydration and fuelling strategies
  • Developed a protein coffee cold beverage that has helped athletes and everyday folks get their required protein intake in, while they truly enjoy it.
  • We have created partnerships with like-minded athletes and businesses that drive mutual benefits.
  • Awarded a $2.2M Protein Industries Canada grant to collaborate with Enhanced Medical Nutrition to create a new innovate plant protein product that tastes and behaves nutritionally as the best whey protein isolate on the market - the backbone of many of our recover and protein products. 
  • Rebranded to Gruppo Nutrition with a sub brand of Polar Joe which caters specifically to the protein coffee crowd.

Yes, our name has changed,; here's what hasn't:

  • Our Team - same great folks are here to serve you.
  • Our Facility - same great Health Canada Natural Health Products approved facility.
  • Our Raw Materials - we continue to use the same raw materials we have always used, in fact we are committed to using the best raw materials available, it is what our CSI partners demand for their athletes and we feel our customers deserve the best as well.
  • Although we will not be using the proprietary technology the Infinit brought the sports nutrition world in 2005 as we go in our own direction, our modular approach to personalized nutrition with the same raw materials used for the last decade will deliver exactly what you need to tackle anything.
  • My desire to help anyone achieve their full potential.  Ever wish to reach out, email me or book a session  
In 2006 when I started this business, I romanticized how great it would be to make my livelihood helping people achieve their best in sport.   In 2013 I walked away from my pharmaceutical career and now I am happy to announce we are moving beyond Canada initially to the US market.  We couldn't have done it without you and we will remain here to help you with your pursuits.

— Darcy